Choose the most suitable electrical solutions to upgrade your efficiency, productivity & safety. HNGC provides installing and maintains electrical systems and equipment. It may comprise tasks such as installing, wiring, repairing or replacing damaged equipment, and inspecting electrical systems for safety.

The Following are the few categories:
  • All Building services
    (Internal/External/Infrastructure etc.)

  • Electrical switchgear panels
    (M.V and L.V) MDBs, SMDB and DBs

  • Indoor and Outdoor lightings
    (Explosion proof & Non explosion proof).

  • Earthing & Lightening protection systems

  • Power and Distributor transformers,
    33KV/22KV/11KV/400 V, ranging from 1.0 – 15 MVA.

  • Neutral earthing resistors for power transformers

  • Electrical motors and equipment’s ranging from 0.5 kW to 500 kW

  • Very early warning fire Detection system (VESDA)

  • Cathodic protection system

  • Electrical Heat Tracing system

  • All low current system