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Piping Services

Having a reasonable understanding of various load cases for piping flexibility analysis and pipe rack design is also critical when they do piping design. HNGC piping engineers understand these challenges and provide comprehensive services for Piping Service.

Hot Tapping

Hot tap instrumentation is employed to soundly confirm if pressure exists in field instrumentation once conventional ways to visualize pressure aren't attainable. Typical equipment for hot taps includes a casing, production tube, drill pipe, coiled tubing, valves, flanges, and bull plugs. When access is achieved through a hot tap, the pressure will safely be contained for monitoring, bleed-off, or kill operations


Equipment Maintanance

The main objective of equipment maintenance is to scale back the likelihood of breakdown & maximizing the potency of equipment functionality. The maintenance of equipment is very crucial in minimizing price. For each organization, business equipment maintenance is mandatory to grow your business.